Unlock maximum customer potential based on their financial data

  • Access your customers and reach even offline shoppers
  • Receive customer insights from their financial data
  • Analyze and x-ray customers, and predict their behavior
  • Up- and cross-sell exactly at the right time with the right products
Identify and access your customers

Access your customers and sell more

  • Identify your customers, even in case of offline purchases
  • Communicate with customers even when blocked by intermediaries
  • Enhance customer engagement and interaction
  • Get valuable insights on the demand and need of your audience
  • Know serious customer life cycle events in advance

Receive enriched customer data on the basis of bank accounts, transactions, and card payments

  • Get access to customer bank and payment transactions if you do not have the data yet
  • Customer bank transactions are enriched along 350 categories
  • We identify counterparties automatically, e.g., shops, contract partners, etc.
  • We detect customer contracts, subscriptions and obligations
  • For contracts, tariff details and possible change dates are extracted
Access to financial data
Advanced customer analysus

Receive real-time customer analytics and unlock cross- and up-selling potential

  • Receive full user details, including demography, along more than 50 attributes
  • Get detailed customer demand and interest for products and services in 350 categories
  • Receive liquidity analysis and a detailed customer "P&L" and "balance sheet"
  • Get wealth status, savings and provisions behavior, and other financial details
  • Identify locations of transactions and customer activities

Implement advanced applications instantly

  • Cross-sell to your customers using our affinity and demand projection signals
  • Sell exactly at the right time based on our customer life cycle event prediction
  • Detect the right time for contract changes and make better offers
  • Use our data for loan pre-check or suitability of oher products for the customer
  • Process customer retention schemes easily, such as cashback or vouchers
Implement advanced use cases quickly
Implement applications easily

Realize your application quickly and easily

  • You can get live within less than 30 days
  • Integrate our API to unlock full customer potential instantly
  • Too complex? Use our white-label framework to get started quickly
  • No own resources? Use our experience and let us build your application
  • Process modules help you to implement advanced processes
  • We also provide cashback processing as a fully automated service
  • We also offer features for user and application tracking and logging
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